Monday, November 17, 2008

IT Planning and Management

This subject presents a strategic perspective to the planning and management of IS/IT in an organization. It consists of two modules. The first module is on the strategic planning of IS/IT and covers the concept of strategic IS planning (SISP), the context of SISP and the process of formulating an SISP for an organization. This module introduces the student to a strategic perspective of IS/IT, provides an overview of business strategy and IS/IT strategy concepts, and introduces a framework for formulating an SISP for an organization. The second module is on the strategic management of IS/IT in an organization. Topics covered in this module are information management, knowledge management, organizing and resourcing IS/IT, managing IS/IT investment, and managing IS services, applications and infrastructure.

Content of this note.
Chapter 1 . A Strategic Perspective of IS/IT Role in Organisations
Chapter 2 . Understanding Business Strategy and IS/IT Strategy
Chapter 3 . Establishing an effective IS/IT Strategy Process
Chapter 4 . IS/IT Strategy Process: Assessing and Understanding the Current Situation
Chapter 5 . IS/IT Strategy Process: Determining the Future Potential
Chapter 6 . Formulating Business IS Strategy
Chapter 7 . Managing Applications Portfolio
Chapter 8 . IS/IT Strategic Management: Organisation and Resourcing for IT
Chapter 9 . Management of IS/IT Investments
Chapter 10 . Strategies for Information Management: Towards Knowledge Management
Chapter 11. Concepts of IS/IT Service and Service Quality; Managing the Supply of IT Services, Applications and Infrastructure

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Information Systems Control And Auditing

Hello folk.. long time not update my blog.haha... lately so busy with my project.. this time i will share note for information system (computer science) course, but other course can used this note..The note is title Information Systems Control And Auditing..

Here the chapter in this note..
1. Introduction – Auditing, Assurance and Internal Control
• Attest Services Vs Assurance Services
• Internal Control
• Assessing Audit Risk and Designing Tests of Control

2. Computer Operations
• Structuring Data Processing
• The Computer Center
• Operating Systems
• Personal Computer Systems

3. Data Management Systems
• Data Management Approaches
• Centralized Database Systems
• Databases in a Distributed Environment
• Controlling and Auditing Data Management Systems

4. Systems Development and Maintenance Activities
• Participants in Systems Development
• Information Systems Acquisition
• The Systems Development Live Cycle
• New Systems Development
• Systems Maintenance
• Controlling and Auditing The SDLC

5. Electronic Commerce Systems
• Network Topologies
• Electronic Commerce Technologies
• Network Software
• Internet Commerce
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• Controlling and Auditing Electronic Commerce
• Controlling Electronic Data Interchange

6. Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques
• Application Controls
• Testing Computer Application Controls
• Computer Aided Audit Tools and Technique For Testing Controls

7. CATTs For Data Extraction and Analysis
• Data Structures
• Embedded Audit Module
• Generalized Audit Software
• ACL Software

8. Auditing The Revenue Cycle
• Overview of Revenue Cycle Technologies
• Revenue Cycle Audit Objectives, Controls, And Test of Controls
• Substantive Test of Revenue Cycle Accounts

9. Auditing The Expenditure Cycle
• Overview of Expenditure Cycle Technologies
• Expenditure Cycle Audit Objectives, Controls And Tests of Controls
• Substantive Tests of Expenditure Cycle Accounts

10. Fraud and Fraud Detection
• Ethics
• Fraud
• Auditor’s Responsibility For Detecting Fraud
• Fraud detection Techniques

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