Monday, November 23, 2009

Avira Premium Security Suite with key 2010

Hello there..long time not update my with my works..
This time i want to share an antivirus that i used it. named Avira Premium Security Suite. also included key until feb 2010. got from the other site.

to download it, click to download icon below.. happy downloading..

Avira Permium Sucurity Suite

Key License

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dictionary (Kamus) - my collection

This time i want to share a collection of dictionary or kamus in malaysia.. i only used 3 kamus which is e-kamus, kamus 2.04 and kamus rujukan...u can download by clicking icon donwload.. below is the screen shoot of kamus that i used it...

e-Kamus version 5.01

Kamus 2.04

Kamus Rujukan

one thing i like about kamus rujukan because it also have a function to search a synonym word.. like in the figure below..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Run java Netbeans using Command Prompt

For two days i has been search how to run a program written in java language by using Command Prompt. Below is the tutorial about how to that....

1) create a directory with src\ and tests\ in it (the tests is optional if you are not using JUnit).

2) assuming you have "package myjava;" at the top of your files (and make sure that this is what your prof wants, it becomes a pain to mark things if they are not in the right place), make a src\myjava directory (and if you are doing junit a tests\myjava directory).

3) copy your files into the src\myjava directory

4) delete your NetBeans project and recreate it as a new on with exising sources. When you are setting up the src (and optional test) directories add the src\ (and optionally the tests) directory. DO NOT add the src\myjava directory or it won't work in NetBeans.

5) make a directory called classes\ (so you you have src\ classes\, and maybe \tests all in the same place)

6) on the command line type javac -d classes -cp classes src/myjava/*.java * -d tells the compiler where to put the .class files * -cp tells the compiler where to look for classfiles * src/myjava/*.java tells it to compile all of the .java files in src/myjava

7) run it via java -cp classes myjava.Main
* -cp classes tells it to look in the classes directory for the .class files * myjava.Main is the name of the class to run

Monday, July 20, 2009

Minimize application to system tray...

This time i want to share with you about useful software named TrayIt! this software is used for minimized the program to system tray...

TrayIt! allows to save Taskbar space for minimized windows. For each application which applies TrayIt! it creates a small icon in the System Tray. (System Tray area is located near the Clock). When application's window is minimized this icon represents the application on the Taskbar instead of the regular "minimized rectangle".

Screen shot of TrayIt!

1)Interface of TrayIt! application.

2) You can place the application to the tray by click the Mnimize icon at right top of the application window

3) The Application are minimized to the system trat at clock.

Dowload the TrayIt! application by clicking the download icon below.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

File Anti-Copy

It is so long time not update my blog..busy with my project...
ok this time i want to share a useful software..this software can prevent somebody to steel a file or copy paste from your pc.. just read the simple explanation of File Anti-Copy..happy download..

File Anti-Copy is a anti-copy security utility working at the Windows kernel level.
Without your password, nobody can copy your files away. This guarantees the program will never lose your data. File Anti-Copy is an Easy To Use security software. First run FileAntiCopy.exe and login. Default username is "admin", password is "admin". After login you will see the main form. You can setup File Anti-Copy here. We suggest you choose the "Autostart Anti-Copy" that will protect your files and data more powerful. And you can set the status of File Anti-Copy here or change the login username and password. When you want to copy files, just log in File Anti-Copy and set the status "Inactive" and click OK.

Screen shoot of File Anti-Copy
1) Log in to File Anti-Copy

2) main interface of Anti-Copy

Click the icon below to download.
password :

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nitro PDF® Professional

Nitro PDF® Professional gives business professionals the complete, affordable and easy-to-use set of tools to work with PDF documents. Our award-winning software lets anyone easily create, combine, edit, secure, convert and collaborate with PDF files. Below we outline all Nitro PDF Professional's key features.

Create PDF
Create PDF files from more than 300 file types and use our one-click functionality to quickly convert commonly-used file types such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, WordPerfect and more. All PDF files created with Nitro PDF Professional are 100% compatible with other PDF viewing applications including Adobe® Reader® and Adobe Acrobat®.

Edit PDF
Edit PDF content, no matter what it is. Fix typos, remove and change text. Perform advanced image editing tasks such as inserting, replacing, cropping, resizing and downsampling. Insert headers, footers, watermarks, numbering and more across multiple pages. Edit document properties and remove unwanted objects to create polished, recipient-ready PDF files.

Convert PDF
Quickly convert PDF files for reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and more. Copy text from and take snapshots of page content in PDFs and paste the content in other office applications. Extract all text and images in the one process.

Review & annotate PDF
Convert and then combine documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more into the one polished PDF file. Use powerful editing tools to reorder, shuffle, delete, insert, extract, replace, split, and rotate pages.

Secure PDF
Control how people use the PDF files you share by encrypting them. Use passwords and digital certificates to limit who can open files and permissions to limit functionality such as printing, editing, copying and form filling. Use digital signatures and certification to make tamper-proof documents.

PDF forms
Fill in and create PDF forms. Nitro PDF Professional gives you a cost effective way for your end-users to fill in, submit, print, and save PDF forms. With its form design tools, you can easily turn flat PDF documents into fillable, interactive PDF forms that contain text fields, buttons, checkboxes, JavaScript and more.

To download the Nitro PDF® Professional, click the download icon below

To download the Key for Nitro PDF® Professional, click the download icon below

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EndNote for Bibliographies..

EndNote Information

Millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians use EndNote (patent pending) to search online bibliographic databases, organize their references, images and PDFs in any language, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly. Instead of spending hours typing bibliographies, or using index cards to organize their references, they do it the easy way—by using EndNote! EndNote for Windows and Macintosh is a valuable all-in-one tool that integrates the following tasks into one program:

* Search bibliographic databases on the Internet
* Organize references, images, PDFs and other files
* Watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write!
* Collaborate using EndNote Web, the Web-based research and writing tool

To download the endnote, clik the download icon below.
click to download

To download simple introduction note about how to use EndNote, click download icon below.
click to download the note about EndNote

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