Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EndNote for Bibliographies..

EndNote Information

Millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians use EndNote (patent pending) to search online bibliographic databases, organize their references, images and PDFs in any language, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly. Instead of spending hours typing bibliographies, or using index cards to organize their references, they do it the easy way—by using EndNote! EndNote for Windows and Macintosh is a valuable all-in-one tool that integrates the following tasks into one program:

* Search bibliographic databases on the Internet
* Organize references, images, PDFs and other files
* Watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write!
* Collaborate using EndNote Web, the Web-based research and writing tool

To download the endnote, clik the download icon below.
click to download

To download simple introduction note about how to use EndNote, click download icon below.
click to download the note about EndNote

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