Monday, November 17, 2008

IT Planning and Management

This subject presents a strategic perspective to the planning and management of IS/IT in an organization. It consists of two modules. The first module is on the strategic planning of IS/IT and covers the concept of strategic IS planning (SISP), the context of SISP and the process of formulating an SISP for an organization. This module introduces the student to a strategic perspective of IS/IT, provides an overview of business strategy and IS/IT strategy concepts, and introduces a framework for formulating an SISP for an organization. The second module is on the strategic management of IS/IT in an organization. Topics covered in this module are information management, knowledge management, organizing and resourcing IS/IT, managing IS/IT investment, and managing IS services, applications and infrastructure.

Content of this note.
Chapter 1 . A Strategic Perspective of IS/IT Role in Organisations
Chapter 2 . Understanding Business Strategy and IS/IT Strategy
Chapter 3 . Establishing an effective IS/IT Strategy Process
Chapter 4 . IS/IT Strategy Process: Assessing and Understanding the Current Situation
Chapter 5 . IS/IT Strategy Process: Determining the Future Potential
Chapter 6 . Formulating Business IS Strategy
Chapter 7 . Managing Applications Portfolio
Chapter 8 . IS/IT Strategic Management: Organisation and Resourcing for IT
Chapter 9 . Management of IS/IT Investments
Chapter 10 . Strategies for Information Management: Towards Knowledge Management
Chapter 11. Concepts of IS/IT Service and Service Quality; Managing the Supply of IT Services, Applications and Infrastructure

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