Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once Upon A Chinese Classic DVDrip Inc Eng Sub [MediaFire]

Just Another Pandora's Box / Once Upon a Chinese Classic


The story is about a guy (Cheng plays) living in the 21st century is accidentally picked up a magic box to help him through time and space back to the Three Kingdoms, the role of reincarnation Million Tu Long. Here he met the princess blade Set (Thailand Lack majority), is a woman of "high hand print," often used force to impose around. Princess blade neutering and Zhao Long often dispute, quarrel. Mai Coi Zhao Long was the sole element in love. Dr despite her status as the dangerous, including harm to him to get love. Mai Coi It took nearly 500 years to pursue this love. Along with the Mai Coi Tu Ha Tien death is death (Chou En-closed), is a fairy with four different characters: a naïve dream, a fantasy, a love can be deceiving and a temper, impatience.

Directed by Jeffrey Lau

Comedy, Fantasy


Ronald Cheng (Cheng)

Ada Choi (Thai Major Division)

Athena Chu (Chu An)

Gillian Chung (Chung)

Gigi Leung (Liang Gulf States)

Betty Sun (Ton Le)

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