Thursday, July 17, 2008


The course will introduce students to current view of e-business and e-commerce systems. The course covers various aspects of e-business/e-commerce implementation in an organization. The aspects include the technologies that expedite the growth, the emerging and best practice business models or strategies, issues related with e-business implementation (legal, ethics, and societal), and security threats and security implementation. Students will be equipped with conceptual and technical foundations in the development of e-business/e-commerce applications via lectures, group works, and hands on labs. In addition the students also required to present and develop their own e-business proposal for selected organization. This is essential to assist them in developing their problem solving and communication skills.

content of note:

# Chap_1_-_Intro_Part_1
# Chapter_2_-_E-Marketplaces_Part_1_.ppt

# Chapter_2_-_E-Marketplaces_Part_2_.ppt

# Chapter_3_-_Retailing.ppt

# Chapter_4_-_Consumer_Behaviour_Part_1_.ppt

# Chapter_4_-_Consumer_Behaviour_Part_2_.ppt

# Chapter_5_-_B2B_E-Business.ppt

# Chapter_6_- Innovative EC Systems.ppt

# Chapter_7_-_Electronic_Payment_Systems[1].ppt

# Chapter_8_- EC Security.ppt

# Chapter_9_-_Legal_ethical[1].ppt

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